What’s in the box? (GIVEAWAY!)

More woodworking today!  This one’s a project that’s been on the list for a bit now.  At some point, my sister had asked for a box to keep some dice in for when she leaves home to play Dungeons and Dragons.  I finally got around to it (YouTube video of the process here).  I think it turned out well.


Hers is the one on the left.  Walnut wraps around the outside, with a painted night sky, curly maple moon, and more walnut (I think) making a mountain.  The one on the right still needs a purpose (more on that in a bit), it’s got an osage orange shell, and the pattern on the lid is made of bocote.  I hadn’t made boxes quite like these before.  The closest thing was a box I made for Tiffany recently.

It's empty.

This design wouldn’t work, though, as the lid didn’t quite fit snugly enough that I felt it wouldn’t wiggle itself free and spill dice all over the place while being transported inside a bag.  Hence, the hinged lid with a clasp to keep the contents secure.

About the lids.  Once I had the boxes glued up and ready to go, I realized I had never really ironed out a plan to make them something more than just a plywood rectangle.  I think I stood in the garage just staring at the box tops for about 15 minutes or so trying to come up with something.  Once I had an idea for one, I got to work.

Walnut top.png

Free-handing all those angled cuts wasn’t a great idea.  It required quite a bit of fine-tuning and sanding to get them to fit in without huge gaps all over.  Even so, I still had some gaps that required filling, but that’s what sawdust and glue are for, no?  The other lid was simpler, no angles, just measuring then cutting.


I mentioned this one still needs a purpose.  We want to thank those that have been checking out our content, so we’re going to give it away, maybe even fill it with a couple things (it could even be a boat!).  If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, shoot us an email (bearmaked@gmail.com) with the subject line “Gimme that box!” by May 5th at 11:59 PM PST, and you could be the proud owner of this lil’ guy, or gal, or non-binary gender distinction, you be you, lil’ box.  Anyhoo, we’re going to pick someone at random from those that email us, and send it out to them.  No need to spam us, only one entry per email address, so just one email is fine.  We’ll reply to your email if you’re selected, so be sure to use an email address that you’ll keep an eye on.

We really appreciate everyone taking the time to read our nonsense, and we’re having fun putting this stuff out there.  Not everything we make is perfect.  Actually, none of it is.  But the only way to get better is to practice.  And we’re happy to share the results of that practice with you.



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