Monday Inspiration #1 – June 24th, 2019

Welcome to Monday Inspiration, where I’ll look back at what I’ve seen recently that’s inspired me.  Maybe it’s something that’s sparked an idea for a new project.  Or it might just be a neat thing, or an awesome accomplishment by a fellow human.  It won’t always be related to making, but if it inspires me enough to take the time to write about it here, I hope it’ll help spark something for you as well.

Start with This episode 1 by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor


I heard this accidentally.  I was driving over to Vondriska Works for the Meet the Makers event hosted there this past Saturday, and was enjoying getting caught up on Welcome to Night Vale (which is an enjoyable podcast by the same fellas in its own right, but not the topic here).  In that playlist, they had snuck in the debut of Start with This, and I didn’t bother skipping it because I was driving and didn’t want to die in a horrible car accident, and I trust Fink and Cranor enough to give their new project a chance.

Hearing that episode is the reason I’m starting this Monday Inspiration. I’ve had the thought of doing a weekly wrap-up type post for a bit now, but couldn’t iron out all the details of it’s execution (also, instead of a wrap-up, it’s a jump-start to the week, because Monday needs all the help it can get).  But  I listened to their discussion and decided it best to just start doing, and let each week be a chance to refine and shape this into whatever it becomes over the weeks.

They explain it much better than I can, but my main two takeaways from their discussion are:

  • “Successful” creators didn’t hit success on the first attempt.  Every craft needs practice.  In the world of Making, if you look at someone like Jimmy Diresta, he’s had years of practice makin’ stuff.  The stuff he makes today is awesome, sure, but if you’re just getting started, you have to put in the practice, don’t expect your scissor-lift grill is gonna come out as great as his without the years of experience, and failure, that preceded it.
  • Don’t let your ideas intimidate you.  Say you have this idea, it’s a good idea, but you aren’t sure of all the details yet, and you don’t want to ruin it by working on it before you know those details.  So you let it rattle around in your noggin, keeping it tucked away, perpetually putting it off as your “someday” idea.  Someday isn’t guaranteed to come.  It’s better to “fail” with that idea, learn something from it, and try again, than just let the idea sit there, staring at you, never seeing the light of day.

I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.  The main focus for them is writing and podcasting, but I was surprised with how applicable this first episode was for any type of creator.

Dartboard Clock by Carl Jacobsen

I’ve never been disappointed by one of Carl Jacobsen’s projects.  Not only do his projects look beautiful, he’s sure to include tips to help you get great results on your own projects (like wood burning to prevent stain bleeding).  I’ve also thought in the past that it’d be fun to make a clock, and seeing him do it gave me the inspirational push I needed.  I’ve already picked up a clock movement kit to use, and have a few thoughts on the design of my timepiece.

That’s all for this week!  I’d love to hear about what’s inspired you lately.  Leave a comment down below, or reach out to me on social media and share.  Until next time, Happy Making!

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