2020 Vision

2019 is over.  My holiday hiatus has come and gone, and now it’s time to get back to work.  To start, I’m going to share some goals for the coming year.  If I put them in writing here, I can hold myself accountable.  So can you, dear reader.  Feel free to pester me if you think I’ve been ignoring any of these as the year cruises along.

Get more video content out there.

Going into last year, I had big plans of releasing so many new videos over on YouTube. I found myself too busy making things for people to take the time to shoot videos. As time goes on, and I get more accustomed to video creation, that won’t add as much to creating projects (I know I have over 20 videos on my channel right now, but I’m still very much a noob at this). Right now, however, I’d guess it takes me at least 50% longer to make a thing if I’m trying to record the process. So throughout this year, as I work on custom builds, I’ll be including that extra time into my estimates of when I can get a thing done. By the end of the year, I want to have at least 12 new videos on my YouTube channel.  That may not mean a video every month, some months might have two or three, and others could be a video drought.  But if I have 12 new ones at year’s end, I’ll be happy.

Make this website matter.

I have severely neglected this website.  I’ve tried a few times to reformat it and give it the spark I thought it needed to make me keep coming back to it.  But that never worked.  Now, though, I have a look going that I really like.  I’ve decided that the storefront won’t be the main page.  The option of purchasing my handmade goods will still exist, but I want my website to primarily be a place where I can share my process for making things, and hopefully also share things that will inspire others to make with their bear hands as well.  So going forward, expect to see more articles coming out as I create.  These will probably vary greatly in focus.  In the past, most of them have been recipes and things I baked.  Those might still filter in every so often, as I explore other means of making (wood carving, book binding, leather work, stamp making, and so many other things I want to explore!)

Get an Instructable done.

If the goal above this one is met, then this one should be easy.  I’ve been wanting to get some of my stuff over on Instructables.  I know other makers that have done it and they do very well over there, helping people follow along a build process.  So, to give myself a potentially very easy win, I’d like to have my first Instructable done this year.  Pretty simple, I hope.

Double sales from in-person vending.

Last year, I started doing craft shows and other events where I could sell my goods in person.  I had no idea how it was going to go, but was very surprised and pleased with how it went.  Now that I’ve got some of that experience under my belt, I want to turn around and do so much better this year.  I know more about what sells at what price-point for my products now (I thought my cutting boards were fairly priced, but could only sell them when I put them on “Special” for $10 off at shows), as well as what I need to keep in stock (bottle stoppers, and pens for sure).  My best shows came during the holiday season, which is not a surprise, but now I’ve found an awesome group of local maker/vendors, and we all want to carry through 2020 with great momentum.

So there’s that.  A list of things I need to make happen.  Now, as I go through the year, I reserve the right to modify this list as needed.  But, like I said at the beginning, if you feel I’m not on track to make my goals, call me out.  Or just ask me how I’m doing on attaining them. 

When it comes down to it, I’ve been inspired by so many awesome people to go on a journey like this, and I want to contribute to that community, and grow it however possible.  I feel these goals give me the best chance to do exactly that.

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