A New Bear Maked Strategy

As you probably (hopefully) know, things are a bit weird in the world right now.  (If you’re reading this in the future, I suggest googling “COVID-19 2020” for context…)  This is impacting people in all industries, in all walks of life.  Even though I already work from home, with no co-workers, ‘social distancing’ still has a significant impact on my business.

Last year when I left my day job and went into business for myself, I wasn’t really sure how I was going to actually make money.  I knew starting a YouTube channel and relying on revenue from website ads would take a long time to actually build up to anything substantial (especially after seeing my site with ads on it, they were definitely not subtle).  So I signed up for a craft show, to see how that went.

It went surprisingly well.  Even being pretty introverted, I had a good time, talking to the other makers and chatting with people as they checked out my wares. I ended up doing quite a few shows in the last half of 2019.  

And that gets us back to now.  I had already signed up for a few shows coming up this year, and was going to really start looking into shows to attend this summer.  As it turns out, if it’s not wise to go hang out in public groups of 10+ people, craft shows are a no-go. So I need a new plan.

After Workbench Con, I had already decided that I would eventually transition into doing more online content creation, and fewer craft shows.  I thought this would be at least a 6-month transition, starting around the end-of-year holiday season this year. It appears now, that mother nature has made a mockery of my timeline.

So as of now, I’m going to start a very quick transition away from producing product for craft shows, and into creating online content to help others gain the skills and inspiration to make stuff with their bear hands.  I still enjoy occasionally batching out stuff, and once things get back to some degree of normalcy, I’ll vend at a craft show every now and then, too.  In the mean time, I’ll have my batched-out items listed here on my site for sale, like the recent set of pens that I crafted.

All this really comes down to this:  it’s hard to make online content creation pay the bills, especially when you’re still just getting started with it.  So I could use your help. How, you ask?

  • Interact with me!  Whether it be here, in the comments, over on my Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, whatever.  The almighty algorithm that controls all this rewards engagement and interaction, which helps me build an audience.
  • If you see a thing I did that you think others will like, share it! Note – Right now, Facebook has my site marked as “Spam” for some reason, so you can’t share links to my site on Facebook, which is a HUGE bummer.
  • Buy a thing that I’ve made. This one’s rather self-explanatory.  If there’s something more specific you’d like, let me know, I’m happy to make custom stuff, or even help you make it for yourself.
  • Become a Patron! Patreon is a great way to support all types of creators.  I just set up my Patreon page, and I’d really appreciate if you checked it out, and give me any feedback you may have, whether you decide to support me there or not.  As a special incentive, if you do wish to support me on Patreon, I will have a limited edition sticker for my earliest supporters, that you can stick anywhere!

Whether you support me on any of the above methods or not, the fact that you’ve even read this far is so great of you!  I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site and read my words.    If you have any suggestions for projects you’d like to see me tackle, let me know, and I look forward to your support, no matter the form that takes!

Happy making!


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