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Earlier this week, within the span of about an hour, I had the same Facebook post shared with me three times.  It was about a boy scout (I believe) in Canada, that had started 3D printing parts for those that need to wear facemasks all day.  IMG_20200407_124450It’s a simple thing, really, it has hooks for ear straps, so instead of the face mask bands tugging on your ears all day, they tug on this.

My 3D Printer had been sitting idle (my printer has a smaller bed, or I’d have already been printing face shield components and other PPE), so I went to Thingiverse, downloaded the file, and started printing one.  Then I shared my own post, for anyone that would like one, to just let me know.


IMG_20200407_124952Turns out, there are A LOT of people out there that need to wear face masks all day now.  Those people also want their ears to remain firmly attached to the sides of their noggins.  Within a matter of hours, I had requests from a dozen people, requesting anywhere from just one, for themselves, or as many as possible, for them & their co-workers. One gentleman works for the department of corrections, said their whole facility has to wear masks all day, that’s 400 staff.  I had to tell him it’d be a while until I could crank out 400, but I’ll send him what I can when I can to be sure they at least start with something.

I’ve already given out nearly 40 of these things, just about 24 hours after really starting to print them, and I’ve got 80+ more to make to get caught up to current requests.  IMG_20200408_013107That’s not slowing me down, though.  My printer has been running pretty non-stop, and it’s a champ, so it can take it.  If you’d like some for you and/or others you know with sore ears, submit this form with the necessary details and I’ll get you added to my queue.

I can’t put a price on my ears NOT being pulled from my face, and I’m not even dealing with a face mask all day.  I’ve worn one for about an hour while grocery shopping, and that was enough for me, so I can’t imagine working a full shift anywhere with that annoyance. So these aren’t for sale, and shipping won’t cost you anything.  Just let me know you need them and I’ll get them to you.

I have been convinced to allow people to donate and help offset cost of materials & shipping.  Please do not feel obligated, but you can find me on PayPal and Venmo if you are interested in helping that way.

As I said at the top, I’m not alone in this effort.  There is a whole community of makers out there with 3D printers, making every sort of PPE they can to be sure those out in front of this pandemic are as protected as they can be. If you’re interested in that here’s a list of things to check out:

Times are weird right now.  If you find it’s all you can do to just keep your own sanity in tact, that’s perfectly acceptable.  But if you’re staying safe in your home and have found you don’t have much to do.  I’d ask that you consider doing something to help those that aren’t able to stay home, and put their health at risk to be on the front lines of this crazy world we’re in these days.

Stay Safe & Healthy


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