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I’m just going to be blunt about it. With all the effects of COVID-19 this year, it has been difficult for me to maintain sales. Obviously, up until now, craft shows have been a bad idea, having that many people congregating and shuffling around from booth to booth, is just asking for trouble (with masks and social distancing now, doing this outdoors is feasible). Last year, the main way my business earned money was from those craft shows, especially during the fall and holiday season. Since we’re coming up on that time of year again, I’ve been thinking of ways to try and make up at least a portion of that income. So read on, for ways that you can help Bear Maked remain my full-time gig. NOTE! I’m not asking you to just give me money! In fact, some of the things I’ll outline below are totally FREE! Who doesn’t love that?

Place an order from my shop.

But, we’re going to start with the most obvious. Buy stuff from my store! In my opinion, this gives you the most bang for your buck! Not only are you directly supporting me, you get a cool thing in return, it’s a win-win. If you want to be extra-helpful; if you order, or have ordered something already, why not leave a review over on my Facebook page?

Follow me on Social Media.

Since we’re talking about Facebook, a free way to help support what I’m doing is to follow me on all the various Social Media outlets.

  • Instagram – Where I’m most active. Most of my Facebook activity is cross-posted from here. And this is the best way to see what I’m working on before I post all the beauty shots.
  • Facebook – As it says above, most of this is recycled from Instagram. But I do post occasional other updates on there, and I’ve been doing giveaways every time I reach a milestone of “likes” on my page, usually every 100 likes (sitting just above 550 right now, so less than 50 page likes from the next giveaway)
  • Twitter – Twitter is definitely my most random social media presence. I’m fully aware that it’s a platform that can easily veer into annoying. I try to keep my content there positive, so as to not contribute to the vitriol. It’s coming up to football season here in the US, so most of my content there will probably be quick reactions to things happening around that.
  • YouTube – Obviously, this is where my project videos go. There’s no schedule to it, and this year I’ve made more of an effort to put out more videos, and as such, my skills at editing them have improved. I’d love to hear feedback on any of my content over there. (If you’re watching on there, not skipping ads helps a lot! I get a small part of that ad revenue, though I COMPLETELY understand if you skip them)
  • TikTok – Yeah, I’m on TikTok. No I don’t use it, that’s why it’s not hyperlinked. I really only signed up so no one else could steal my username 🙂

So that’s where to find me (chances are you got here from one of those places). Just following me there helps a bit with all the different algorithms, but, what helps the most is sharing my stuff. I’m not asking you to bother your friends and family and always push my content to them. BUT! If you think someone else would like something I’m doing, or have done, let them know! Engaging with my posts on the different platforms helps, too. Whether it’s a like, a comment, whatever, any kind of interaction tells the almighty algorithm that it should help more people see what I’m doing.

Shop with my affiliate links!

This is another that is absolutely free to you! Every so often, I’ll post a link to a product on Amazon. If you click through that link, and buy the product, or even anything else during that browsing session on Amazon, I earn a small commission, depending on what you purchase. I can even post special offers sometimes, like this:

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

And these offers get me even more of a commission. [Side note, I enjoy the Audible service, I’ve used it for a few audio books now, and it’s nice that any you “purchase” with your credits, you keep, even if you don’t keep your subscription active.]

Support me on Patreon.

If you’re unfamiliar, Patreon is a platform set up for people to be able to financially support all sorts of creative types, on a monthly basis. That’s the quick and easy explanation. Any support I get over there, quite honestly, blows me away. I won’t waste time here going through all the benefits, when you can check them out over there via the link above. But there’s options where you can hop aboard that support train for as little as $1/month. I have a goal right now that when I get to 10 Patrons, I’ll give away a pen at the end of that month to one of my supporters, and I have exclusive stickers to send to anyone that joins up over there (limited quantity!).

Order a custom thing.

Lastly, I enjoy creating custom builds for people. If you have an idea for something you’d like made, reach out! I’ll happily either help you figure out how you can make it, or take that work on myself. I’ll dole out advice at no cost, but rates will vary for custom projects, based on exactly what you’re looking for. Either way, creating things with our bear hands, in my opinion, is one of the most rewarding things to do, so if I can help make that happen with my bear hands, or yours, let me know!

That’s is for this one, I realize it was a longer post, but I appreciate you sticking around to the end. And as a reward for that, I’ll remind you that the coupon code HOLYCATS is still usable to save 25% off your order on my online store. It can only be used 10 times total, and it has been used a non-zero number of times. So go and give it a try, see if you can score a great deal today!

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy!

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