Charity Raffle Giveaway
Earlier this year, an awesome dude passed suddenly from covid. Eric was one of the best people I know. I wish I knew him longer. I partially blame him for my board game addiction, but I wouldn’t change that for anything. He was ALWAYS there to help out if you needed something. It’s hard to really describe how great a dude he was, because no matter what you say, it just sounds like what you always hear in these situations. Everyone that knew Eric knows how awesome he was, so anyone else will just have to believe us. For now, I want to focus on what we can do to help his family move forward.
That’s where WE come in. There’s a Go Fund Me started to help his wife and family take care of his final expenses, and any other hardship they face in this difficult time. To help support that, I’m hosting a charity raffle. It’s simple to enter. First, donate to the Go Fund Me (linked either below this post or in my profile), then send me a screenshot of your confirmation/receipt via email or DM, and I’ll mark you down as having one entry for every $5 donated. I’ll be accepting entries through February 26th, 2021.
But what are the entries for? They’re for prizes donated by all sorts of amazing folks. See the gallery down below for photos and details of everything that can be yours, for a donation of only $5!
Thank you for reading this far. And thank you for being awesome.
If you’re still reading, and you’d like to contribute a prize to the raffle. You’re amazing. Just message me privately and we’ll get it done. 🙂🧡

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