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Cricut Mug Press – Make more than mugs!


While chatting with some buddies about a month ago, we got to discussing alternate uses for the Cricut Mug Press. Took me some time to convince the wife that it wasn’t a completely ridiculous thing to do. (Fine, to be completely transparent, she still thinks it’s ridiculous). But we picked one up this past weekend. And I immediately set to work to test it’s limits. It’ll do make more than mugs if you want.

After some initial issues with activation caused some real frustration (why on earth does this thing need activation, anyway? I just sits there and heats up, work out the firmware kinks before you release it to the public), I got the mug press up and running. I first made a mug as a test run, but then dove right in to the silliness. Check out the video above to see how it went.

Below you can find a peek at my first mug. I don’t have a sublimation printer, so this was made with laser copier paper and some Cricut infusible ink markers. The tips are tiny on those, so it made it difficult to color in the design. It came out alright for a first try, but there’s some things to improve on, and I look forward to practicing. Also, I guess now I have to try and think of designs that will look cool on mugs?

What other crazy things can I try with this Cricut Mug Press?

This is not a sponsored post. Obviously I don’t think Cricut would sponsor something like this, but if anyone from Cricut sees this and wants to work out a deal, I’m game. The amazon links included are affiliate links, meaning I’d earn a little kickback if you use them and make a purchase. It costs you nothing extra, but it helps support my lil’ business.

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