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Sunset over Bone Lake, Wisconsin

Fall Lake Photos!

Thought I’d try a different kind of post this time. Not much to read. Instead, I wanted to share some photos I took in early October. We took a weekend trip with the in-laws to a cabin in Wisconsin, right on Bone Lake. While…

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Bear Maked is no longer my full-time job. Does that mean I failed? Did the business fail? I don’t really know how to judge it. Do I feel like I failed? No, not at all.

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What’s next for the Mug Press?

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Cricut Mug Press – Make more than mugs!

While chatting with some buddies about a month ago, we got to discussing alternate uses for the Cricut Mug Press. Took me some time to convince the wife that it wasn’t a completely ridiculous thing to do. (Fine, to be completely transparent, she still…

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Hi, I’m Justin. This is a blurb about me, which I’ll update later from more than this placeholder text.

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