Cricut Mug Press – Make more than mugs!

While chatting with some buddies about a month ago, we got to discussing alternate uses for the Cricut Mug Press. Took me some time to convince the wife that it wasn’t a completely ridiculous thing to do. (Fine, to be completely transparent, she still thinks it’s ridiculous). But we picked one up this past weekend.Continue reading “Cricut Mug Press – Make more than mugs!”

Pecan Cheesecake

Earlier this summer I posted a cheesecake recipe.  I gave options to make it with orange, lime, or raspberry.  For Thanksgiving, I made it with pecan!  Take that!  For real, it’s right down this page, just take the recipe and enjoy deliciousness. What you’ll need: For the crust 1 1/2 cups of pecans (I usedContinue reading “Pecan Cheesecake”

It’s been a while! (Double feature)

Hello, there!  If you have come here recently hoping to see something new, I apologize for disappointing you.  But hey!  There’s something new now, in fact, you’re reading it! Let’s flash back to about a month ago.  My parents were coming to town on Memorial Day, and Tiffany was planning to cook up some ribs,Continue reading “It’s been a while! (Double feature)”

Jalapeno Bizness

Ahhh, work potlucks.   You can take the easy way out, buy a couple bags of chips, grab some pre-packaged cupcakes from the grocery store’s bakery.  Or, you could spend most of your evening the night prior to the event making something to share.  This time we aren’t having a full-on potluck, just a nacho bar. Continue reading “Jalapeno Bizness”